Top 9 Best Things About Paleo (Because 10 is overrated)

I’ve been touting the pure awesomeness of the Paleo diet. You’ve been doing one of three things. Number 1, you’ve been ignoring me. All of my posts about my blog posts just make you sick. Number 2, you’ve been distracted. The NBA playoffs have sucked you in and you don’t even want to get out until they hand out that trophy (If this is you, you get a free pass. I totally understand). Number 3, you’ve been reading my posts! Thank you so much. You are so much smarter than when I started. You’re also better looking and able to cut onions without a single tear. You didn’t know reading my blog gave you powers, but it does. So congratulations to you! To celebrate here are the 9 best things about going Paleo.

1. Your gut is healthier- the gut is the cornerstone of your health and eating Paleo strengthens its ability tolet good stuff in and keep bad stuff out

2. Eating like a caveman just feels cool

3. You have more energy. All that added extra sugar was keeping you down, now it isn’t

4. You have a fantastic reason to eat a steak whenever you want

5. You know how to make bone broth

6. Bacon is always okay…seriously. Breakfast.Lunch.Dinner.

7. Your joints are healthier.

8. You’re mom has stopped bothering you about eating healthier

9. You’re expanding your food boundaries



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