Bone Broth: Revisited

So I had a post about bone broth. Maybe you read it (thanks!) maybe you didn’t (not cool). Either way I figured I needed to follow it up PLUS my grandma asked me where to get bone broth. And you gotta answer your Grandma’s questions! (Hey, Grandma! Love you.) Bone broth is one of those things that seems mythical. It’s like, “Ok, now get some bones and cook them for hours with a few spices. Make sure the bones you’re getting are good, that the animals had good diets. Very good. Now that they’ve been stewing for half of the day you’re finished you can drink it! You’re basically eating the essence of the bones. You can even eat the bones sometimes. Go ahead eat the bone. There are so many benefits to you drinking this, blah blah blah.” It all seems kind of weird. I’m going to make it less weird with a play by play of how to make bone broth:

My wife: Where are your bones? My husband needs them for his stupid* blog. (makes a sourpuss face)

*She didn’t say stupid. Haven’t you ever heard of creative expression!?

Butcher guy: We keep them with the cold meat over there (points with giant bloody butcher knife)

My wife: Oh thanks (does that yucky face that only ladies can do)

My wife buys said bones and drives them home to me.

Me: They’re kinda gross looking

My wife: Right?!

I searched far and wide for the best bone broth recipe. And I found it. Click here if you want it.

I get the bones, carrots, onion, parsley, apple cider vinegar, garlic, and water and put it ALLLLL in the crock pot.

I click low heat.

Me: Wait, is that really it? That’s all I have to do?

My wife: (nods)

Me: That’s kind of a let down. I mean I don’t do anything else?

My wife: You could clean the dishes

Me: (sprints out of the front door)

1 billion* hours later


I get all the stuff out of the broth so that it’s just broth. I pour the broth in a container and let it cool, then I pop it in the fridge.

Me: All done!

I go to work

I get home and reheat a cup of the bone broth on the stove(studies say to not use the microwave). I drink said cup of bone broth and know that I’m helping my gut work better.

THE END (Special thanks to my wife for putting up with me)

As you can see, making bone broth is simple. There are a few important rules but nothing that’s too difficult to figure out. So don’t be intimidated. Find a recipe that you think sounds good and give it a shot!



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