Paleo According to the Internet

We are currently living in the Age of Information. THERE’S SO MUCH OF IT. In 2010, Google CEO Eric Schmidt, said that,

“Every two days now we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until  2003”

That’s absolutely insane. As it stands now, that quote may be not as true as we thought but the idea still has truth. We are producing information at a rate that has never been seen before. I say this because there is a huge community of Paleo people of the world wide web that you have access to. If you love the idea of Paleo and what it can do for you or are just a little teensy weensy bit interested in Paleo the internet can be a great resource for you. There is a Paleo presence on every social media medium no matter your preference. This post is all about connecting you with resources you can use everyday to help you with your Paleo journey or questions. For reasons of simplicity I’m only going to list the Paleo blogs and websites that are notable. For the most part, each of these blogs or websites have extensions of themselves on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. So without further ado:


Mark Sisson is a former long distance runner who made health and fitness his full time job. He’s 60 years old and is RIPPED. He believes strongly in the benefits of the Paleo diet and his website is littered with advice, resources, and success stories from people who have tried his health plan.


Robb Wolf is a former biochemist who is now one of the most prominent minds in terms of the Paleo diet. One of his main focuses is on people with diseases that can be helped by eating Paleo. He’s also passionate about sleep, weight loss, fitness, the anti-inflammatory diet, and autoimmune diseaes.


Michelle Tam is probably the most popular Paleo cook on the planet. She has a HUGE catalog of recipes that are delicious and 100% fit for a cave man.


This website is kept up by more than one person but the main identity behind The Paleo Diet is Dr. Loren Cordain who is widely considered the founder of the Paleo Diet. This website has recipes, articles explaining the benefits of the Paleo diet, and a TON of other resources related to Paleo.


Juli Bauer is kind of crazy, which is why this might be my favorite Paleo website. She specializes in Paleo recipes but also is a CrossFit addict. She doesn’t adhere to a strictly Paleo diet but she does eat Paleo for the most part.

In my opinion, these are the 5 best Paleo websites around. If you want to learn more, these 5 are a GREAT place to start.



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