First Things First

I’ll start with a confession: I don’t know that much about the Paleo diet. I know that dieters are supposed to cut their carbohydrate intake I know that eating butter is encouraged. I know that consuming anything that is in a box, packaged in plastic, wrapped in colorful paper, and/or has a cartoon brand ambassador (I’m looking at you Toucan Sam) is most definitely frowned upon. I also know that people swear by the Paleo diet and that it’s health benefits, according to these zealots, cannot be denied.

I’ll admit, I’m curious. I think a lot of people are. This space will cover as many topics as possible in the Paleo world. From the outside looking in, the Paleo diet is more than limiting the intake of certain food items and increasing the intake of others. It’s a lifestyle. Embarking on a new lifestyle is a large undertaking that shouldn’t be done at the flip of a switch. No one tries, to bench press 500 pounds without hours and hours and hours of weight training and I don’t intend to go full caveman Paleo in the span of one or two weeks. Biting off more than I can chew (yes, pun intended) is the fastest way to fail at changing eating habits that I’ve had for over two decades. So baby steps it is as I push for a full Paleo diet.


One thought on “First Things First

  1. I like your blog, Will! You might want to deal with the issue of the cost and availability of eating a Paleo diet. I wonder if it is harder to get reasonable organic food in smaller communities, especially in the winter months. Also, you might want to check out She is a warrior for healthy foods and is taking on major companies in what they serve. Her husband grew up down the street from us!


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